Unity Village | Bobby & Amanda’s Winter Proposal

February 11, 2023


Unity Village is magical any time of the year, but having the whole place to ourselves in the middle of winter brought it to a whole new level.

In the summer, Unity Village is full of greenery and stunning fountains. During the winter, while everything is not quite bloomed, Unity Village still has historic magic about it. This made it the perfect place for Bobby to propose to Amanda.

Planning to propose to the love of your life can be a little overwhelming.

Every proposal is unique, but knowing your options ahead of time can make a huge difference when planning! All in all, we decided it would be best to have Amanda know about the photo session. There are countless videos of on the internet of people getting engaged and them saying “I wish I would have worn something different!”. This happens all the time to couples! Knowing that you’ll have your photos taken (even if the proposal itself is a secret) gives them time to prepare.

But how do you let them know without giving it away?

I have a few tricks up my sleeve. Letting your partner know that you “found a deal” or “you don’t have many nice photos together and wanted to give them that” can make lead them off the trail. From there, you can trust me to lead them off the path to the perfect surprise.

As soon as when we arrived at Unity Village, we found out we had the entire venue was completely empty.

We spent some time wandering around the venue until we came to the perfect spot. Everything was in place when Bobby got down on one knee. Amanda’s reaction was truly priceless and so beautiful!

I cannot wait for this couple to go back to Unity Village with the kids and show off the place where they got engaged. 

Bobby and Amanda are tying the knot this spring at The Legacy at Green Hills and I cannot wait to photograph another huge moment in their lives!


Here’s what Bobby had to say about his experience
“I reached out to Lauren for a surprise engagement photo shoot. Nervous and skeptical on how to keep it a secret Lauren was fantastic in planning and handling everything. She went above and beyond leading up to shoot to make it as believable as possible that it was just a “couples photo shoot” my (now) fiance was 100% surprised. The shoot itself was the most natural photo shoot I’ve ever had. Not one photo did I have to put my self in an awkward position that the photographer wanted and fake a smile. She absolutely crushed the whole experience for me and I can’t imagine ever using anyone else. Best experience ever!”







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What a gorgeous spot!

Isn’t it?! Such a beautiful venue tucked in Lees Summit, MO!

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