5 Reception Wedding Games You Must Include on your Big Day!

June 13, 2022

The last thing that couples want is for their guests to be bored at their wedding.

Having a few reception wedding games can make sure that your guests never get bored, but they can also help keep the two of you connected on your wedding day.

When it comes to reception wedding games, there are so many to choose from!


From games with just the newlyweds to ones that include the entire wedding party, it can be hard to choose which ones are right for you. Before we get into what reception wedding games are the best, let’s talk about WHY you would include these games. 

Reception wedding games keep you two connected.


You’ve spent months to even years planning this big day in your relationship. You’re surrounded by friends and family from all over the world. You might find that on the day of your wedding, you’ve barely spent any time with your spouse. Reception wedding games are a great way to pause socializing and pull the two of you together for a few minutes of fun.

They allow your guests to connect with you.


While you will have some wedding guests that know both of you, chances are a lot of them have not seen the two of you together. Reception wedding games can give your guests a peek into who you are as a couple. Your wedding day is about YOUR LOVE STORY! Your love story is unique, and guests will love hearing more about it. You may not have the chance to talk to each guest, but games can help you all connect!

A night to remember!

If your guests aren’t ones to jump on the dance floor, it can feel as if the reception drags on and on. Throwing in a few reception wedding games can liven up the whole atmosphere and make it a memorable night for all. While some weddings will have the grandparents getting down on the dance floor, some people may walk away remembering how competitive they got during the games. 

The best reception wedding games:

Now that we’ve gone over why you should have reception wedding games, let’s get into the ones that are the most fun and memorable! Every couple is different, and you may have a few traditions you want to include, but these games will go above and beyond the bouquet and garter toss.

The Shoe Game

The shoe game is a classic and fun game that makes everyone feel involved! When you’re planning this game with your soon-to-be spouse, you’ll come up with different questions about you two. The questions can vary from “Who proposed?” to “Who spends more time getting ready?”. 

On your wedding day, you’ll face back to back and hold one shoe for each partner. When the question is asked, you’ll hold up the shoe that belongs to the person you think is the answer. The answers may surprise you, and your guests, leaving room for lots of laughter that will fill your entire wedding venue.

Including more intimate questions can give your guests a glimpse into your daily life with one another. Silly questions like “Who sings more in the bathroom?” and “Who reads horoscopes first thing in the morning?” allows everyone to connect with who you are.

Couple Trivia


The great part of finding reception wedding games is that you can find ones that cater more to your style. If you don’t want to hold up each other’s stinky shoes, another great way for your guests to connect with you is trivia! This trivia can begin as soon as they walk into the reception. You can print off little cards for your guests or even turn them into couples bingo! 

The great part about having a couples trivia is that you can choose any time during your reception to announce the answers. Is the party feeling a little dull after speeches? Include the trivia at the end to pull the crowd into the end of the speeches!

The Money Dance


Reception wedding games that include traditions are by far some of the most memorable. While your grandparents may not care for the dance floor, if they’re expecting a traditional dance you know they’ll make their way up there for it! 

So many cultures include a money dance in their wedding reception games. Simply have your DJ announce the dance, and allow your guests to come up to “pin money” on you! For each bill they pin, they’ll be able to have an individual dance with one of you. 

This dance allows your couples to come up, say hi, and be a huge part of your day. While some people will claim it “helps cushion the honeymoon fund”, most cultures include this dance to help curb the early days of “financial burden”. This dance is also great for couples who have already been living together and have an established household. “No need for gifts, just dance with us!”



Wedding reception games don’t have to be a big announcement. Having a few games around the reception hall for your guests to play can make a huge difference in your night. Cornhole, and other yard games can give your guests a chance to sneak away from the party for some one-on-one time with their guests.

Looking to sneak out yourself? When the DJ announces the open dance, stay for one or two dances before you slip out for a private game between the two of you.

*Bonus tip, look for a venue like The Brim which has enough space for a spread-out game of cornhole!*

Did someone say, Piñata?


Yes! A piñata can bring so much laughter and fun when included in your reception wedding games! Everyone loves seeing a bit of excitement when they attend an event. With piñatas, you never really know what’s inside until it’s broken open. Your guests will love watching you two have faith in one another and swing a bat to try to bust open the piñata. 

Wondering what to fill your piñata with? Candy is always a great choice, but a more eco-friendly and photo-fun choice is dried florals! I absolutely love Bloomers and Bites for dried florals.

When you’re looking for reception wedding games, you really have to look into what you two enjoy doing as a couple. If you love to dance together in the kitchen, then having a few dancing games will make you two feel more connected with one another and your guests. There is no wrong answer when choosing your reception wedding games, but there is a lot more party when you choose the right ones!


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