Rayna & James | Mead Botanical Gardens | Winter Park, FL Engagement | Lauren Benson Photography

November 18, 2019

Love finds itself in the most unique places.

Rayna and James first met when Rayna was working at a pizza place. I mean, let’s be real! What are the odds that you’ll meet your future spouse at a pizza place!!

James had come in with a friend and ordered pizza to go and as he was waiting, Rayna kept thinking how cute he was. All of a sudden his friend came up to tell her that James thought she was cute and then abruptly left. James walked up to Rayna and agreed, “Yes, I think you’re really pretty”. Not knowing what to say, and feeling a little nervous, she responded flatly with “thanks” and James walked out.

A few months later, Rayna and James happened to be at the same party. Although they couldn’t recall where they had met, they exchanged numbers and left feeling like they had met before.

It didn’t click until later that they had met at the pizza place. It seemed that the stars had aligned for these two to be together and not a day has gone by in four and a half years that they haven’t talked.

We spent their engagement session in the gorgeous Mead Botanical Gardens in Winter Park, Florida.

They brought along their best friend, Copper, for lots of kisses and playtime! One of my favorite parts of engagement sessions is getting to know my couples. These two live out in the “bear country”, so we laughed at all of the stories of bears breaking into their trash can and the PANTHER (can we freak out over this?!) that was in their yard when they first moved in.

Rayna and James, thank you for sharing your story with me and having me capture your first professional photography session! I’m so happy we were able to play in the park and give your pup endless pets!


Including Copper in this is such a wonderful and loving idea! Your photos capture their love another and for Copper beautifully.

Thank you so much for your kind comment, Kat! I absolutely LOVE when fur babies are included in sessions. No one knows your love better than your best friend!

The dog inclusion is cute, but a greenhouse? Genius! Way to embrace the greenery and keep an understandable setting at the same time.

The greenhouse was drop-dead GORGEOUS, Sarah! There is so much beauty in nature, it’s hard not to include it in moments like these!

Lauren was so easy to work with and made us feel comfortable in front of the camera. We couldn’t have wished for anything better and I’m still socked at how she was able to get our crazy puppy in photos that aren’t just a blur from him wiggling and playing so much. Plus she made us look good too! If you need photos you can trust Lauren to make them great.

Rayna, you are so sweet! Thank you so much for your kind words! You know I’m used to crazy dogs (Lola is so energetic!) so I had a blast with Copper! Thank you again for trusting in me to document this time in your lives. <3

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