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November 8, 2019

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Writer’s block. Let’s face it, we often associate this term with authors. Getting stuck in a place and you’re not sure where to go or how to proceed with the story. But, I feel that writer’s block is a bit broader than that. If you’re stuck in a situation and you’re not sure how to proceed, what do you do? Most of the time, you’ll just stay until something sparks you enough to go forward. 

For a long time, I’ve lacked the inspiration to create something for myself. When it comes to documenting couples and families, their story gives me an incredible flood of inspiration and motivation. But on a day to day basis, I sit at my computer and I edit.

I edit thousands of photos, listen to podcasts, market, schedule meetings, cook, clean, and somehow make sure my daughter gets to school on time. Although I get to see and feel the things that make me the happiest on a daily basis, like hearing my daughters laugh and basking in the sun, I lack the time and inspiration to create something with that happiness. I’m in the midst of my story, but I can’t get past the writer’s block to somehow create something from it.

So where does that spark come from? Where do we draw inspiration to continue pushing forward?

Inspiration can come from a wide range of things. I sat down and looked through the thousands of photos I’ve created over the years and finally settled on a session that I photographed in high school. I had a friend dress as a fairy and we went to our local hangout spot by the lake. We danced, we sang, we played with the water and the light as we laughed as loud as we could.

That light, that laugh, that freedom. To be young and careless, but still find the time to create something with all of those emotions. That’s what inspired me. 

So I messaged a friend and asked her if she would be willing to dress up and simply have fun. I’m so thankful that Amanda said yes because this was honestly the shoot that kicked me into first gear when it came to creating.

The pathways around Ponce Inlet Lighthouse look as if they’re straight from a storybook. The light pours through the wood in a golden way, with the lighthouse in the background the entire time. It reminded me of a fairytale, where the princess was running towards her future love who has been waiting for her to return to the castle. 

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As we headed to the beach, disaster struck. An oncoming storm was heading our way, and there was no way to avoid it. I looked over and saw birds flying in a circular motion and wondered why they did such a thing when it would be easier to fly away from the storm.

But the birds had the right idea in mind. When you find the right path there are bound to be some bumps in the road. Birds fly in that circular motion because they ride the air currents and climb higher without wasting so much energy. Instead of using everything they had to avoid the problem, they embraced it and it became easier. 

So that’s what we did. When the storm approached, the lifeguard yelled at us that it was going to hit us, but we didn’t leave. We stayed in the storm for a few moments and laughed as we ran up and down the shoreline. As the rain pelted on us, we continued to run and laugh.

I wonder what would have happened if we did leave right away. Walking away I knew we had created some beautiful art with the light and joy that had first inspired me. But since we stayed through the storm, I now have the inspiration to know that whatever comes my way, whenever that writer’s block hits, I don’t have to find a way out. I simply need to embrace my surroundings and know that the deepest inspiration often lies within the storm itself.

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A huge thank you to Amanda for helping me get past the writer’s block, and for helping sing nursery rhymes to Juliana as we all walked back to the car in the pouring rain.


I love the storm and beach combo! Somehow, finding weather extremes bring out beauty in most situations.

I absolutely agree! Storms bring in a different kind of energy to the beach, it’s simply breathe-taking. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

This inspires me to go find more inspo so I can continue to create new and amazing things. Thanks for this!

I’m so happy that this inspired you!! Don’t let writer’s block keep you from creating!

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