Kat and Bobby Engagement Session | Orlando, FL | Saipan Wedding | Lauren Benson Photography

June 26, 2019

Kat and Bobby’s wedding is this weekend and I am over the moon excited!

When I first met these two, I knew that they were meant to be! Kat and Bobby met at Mariana’s Resort when they were both summer camp counselors and after two months of the kids singing “Kat & Bobby sitting in a tree…K-I-S-S-I-N-G!”, Bobby finally asked Kat to be his girlfriend.

These two have a three-year-old son who even helped Bobby propose! It was just a normal day of shopping in Portland when all of a sudden Bobby stopped in the middle of the mall. Bobby got down on one knee and asked Kat for the honor of marrying him. Their son spoke up and said “Here mama! Me, you and Dada are getting married!” Of course, she said yes!

Bobby wanted to show a bit of his heritage during their engagement session, so he wore a Marshallese necklace. This necklace was gifted to him from his Auntie after his college graduation. Way to make your mama proud, Bobby!

You can find these two enjoying their off time fishing, BBQing at the beach or driving around the island looking for new spots to relax. If they’re not there, then they’re most likely playing basketball or traveling around the world!

Talking with Kat over the past few months about the plans they have for their wedding has made me so excited! Playing on the beach and watching these two bask in their love for one another was the best way to prepare for their big day!

Congratulations Kat and Bobby! We are all so excited to be a part of your big day!

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