The Legacy at Green Hills – Tips on Booking your Dream Venue!

September 15, 2023


The Legacy at Green Hills is one of Kansas City’s most intimate and jaw-dropping natural wedding venues.


Planning a wedding can be tough, especially when it comes to finding your venue! I reached out to Alex at The Legacy at Green Hills, and we chatted about the most pressing questions couples face when planning their dream wedding. From booking timelines to often-overlooked details and hidden treasures, she covers it all!

If you’ve ever wondered about the optimal time to secure your wedding venue or the little-known offerings that could elevate your special day, you’re in for a treat. Here’s what The Legacy at Green Hills has to say!

How far in advance should couples be booking their wedding venue? 

In general, I’d recommend at least a year out. It depends on a lot of factors, like flexibility with the day of the week or the season. On average, our couples book about 1-1/2 years out for Saturday dates. For non-Saturday dates, the average is 11 months out.

What is your favorite part of your venue? 

My favorite part is that it’s surrounded by the natural beauty of the outdoors. From the trees to the lake and field of wildflowers, nature provides such a beautiful backdrop!

How many guests can your venue accommodate?

Our packages include 200 guests. We can go up to 250 with a guest overage fee.

What is the first step a couple should take after securing their venue?

After the venue is booked and a date is officially set, it’s time to start booking other vendors! If a wedding planner hasn’t been hired yet I recommend booking a wedding planner first because they’ll provide guidance through the planning process. After that, the first vendors that should be booked are those that can only take one wedding per day, such as a photographer, videographer, and DJ/band!

What’s the most important thing for couples to look for when finding vendors:

When looking for vendors it’s important to read reviews and to get recommendations to make sure the vendors you are considering have a good reputation and will provide you with a positive experience. Vendors can be a great resource for referrals and recommendations. Another important factor when considering vendors is that their pricing works within the budget. Lastly, you should pick vendors whom you connect with and whose personalities mesh with yours!


What couples often forget when planning their wedding:

There are so many moving parts in wedding planning, that it can be hard to keep track of everything! A few common things we see get forgotten while wedding planning:

  • Not checking on important details within the venue contract prior to making plans; such as arrival time, number of hours of event time, decor restrictions, or policies for catering & bartending
  • A plan for clean-up at the end of the reception. If a coordinator hasn’t been hired or it’s not included within their services, you’ll want to have a plan for who is helping gather the remaining decor and personal items.
  • A plan for the flowers at the end of the night. You can give guests florals to take home or you can donate your florals to Unexpected Blooms, a non-profit that redesigns your wedding flowers into bouquets that are delivered to hospitalities, hospices, and senior communities. Make sure you talk to your florist if you want to give guests arrangements so they can design them to be easily removed from the vases or containers that have to be returned to the florist.
  • A serving set, plates, and silverware for the cake

What are the services or offerings that many couples are unaware you provide? 

We have a large inventory of decor! Everything from tabletop decor and faux floral arrangements to large rentals like arbors, globe lights, and backdrops. We have designed and built custom items for couples, like a boxwood wall when they want something different. We enjoy being creative and getting to help create something special for their wedding.


At The Legacy at Green Hills, we have 40 beautiful acres, a house that allows you to stay onsite with overnights, and a ceremony & reception space perfect for couples that love the outdoors! 

I want to extend gratitude to Alex and The Legacy at Green Hills for sharing their valuable insight. Their advice on booking timelines, vendor selection, and often-overlooked details will undoubtedly help couples plan the wedding of their dreams.

To all the couples out there planning their special day, remember that with the right vendor team and a touch of creativity, your wedding will truly be a magical experience! May your journey be filled with love, joy, and wonderful memories to cherish for a lifetime!


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Decor too?! That’s really convenient! What a beautiful venue!

Isn’t it amazing how they offer decor too?! Such a huge perk!

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